Shuzenji Station

25 minutes by taxi
from Shuzenji Station.


Impressive views of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay

15 minutes by taxi
from Darumayama

Shuzen-ji (Temple)

A popular 2-star site of history and legend

3-minute walk
from Shuzen-ji(Temple).


A quiet 2-star site with the oldest wooden building on the Izu Peninsula.

3-minute walk
from Shigetsu-den.

Chikurin no
Komichi Walk

Bamboo Forest Path

1-minute walk
from the Chikurin no Komichi Walk.

Tokko no yu onsen

Enjoy soaking your feet in the hot springs for free.

Less than 10 minutes
by bus or taxi.

Shuzenji Station